Not Your Average Lip Balm.


The Founder, Briana Brumer, developed and researched a product to alleviate the irritation and dryness she struggled with on a daily basis. Her search led her to create LIPSMART. Her 8+ years trajectory went on to sell millions but in 2020 amid the pandemic, it created uncharted territory that called for a digital overhaul.

Our project began by developing a wholesale CRM platform in order to manage and upkeep with their wholesale customers. This led us to build a fully customized CRM using ODOO Technologies, multiple API integrations, and interfaces to elaborate the process and streamline the sales acquisition of about 4500 wholesale customers.

We continued in parallel tracks to develop a few digital marketing campaigns for B2C, that enabled us throughout 2020 to utilize the paid channels to generate awareness, sales, and build an audience. We designed and directed a catchy 30 seconds brand commercial to build product awareness and essentially build re-targeting campaigns to those who showed interested. Once they joined our brand digital ecosystem, we used tent pole e-mail marketing campaigns to build loyalty and drive more sales using unique offerings. The results were incredible, we handled over 18,000 digital transactions using our developed whole sales app, and reached over 16.8 million people across the US, Canada, and Europe with an $8 avg. Cost per conversion.


  • CRM
  • Digital
  • Enterprise
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Web